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FAQ's about Chiropractic care

Q: What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A: Adjustments are specific forms of spinal manipulation, it is an ancient practice that is based on restoring the structural integrity of the spine, relieving pressure on spinal nerves, and improving overall body function by helping the brain communicate to the rest of the body.

Q:Why do adjustments make popping sounds sometimes?

A: Your bones are surrounded by joint capsules and each capsule contains nitrogen and oxygen.  So when a bone shifts back into place the joint releases the air trapped inside and makes the "popping" noise.

QDoes it hurt to get adjusted?

A: Typically there is no pain when getting an adjustment, you may feel pops and cracks but not any intense pain. Most patients experience instant relief afterward.

Q:Why should I not adjust myself?

A: When you adjust yourself you may not be moving the specific bone that you need adjusted chiropractors are trained to determine which bone is stuck.  What happens is that the bones on top and below the segment that is stuck start to become hyper mobile so every time you try to adjust yourself you are just moving the areas that are already hyper-mobile and the bone that is stuck stays hypo-mobile.

Q: How is it beneficial to do adjustments on a regular basis?

A: Getting regular adjustments is beneficial due to the fact that we have many daily stressors that may move our bones out of place causing muscular imbalances that can cause pain and degeneration in the joint.  Adjustments maintain proper joint structure so these things may not occur.

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