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Real people. Real stories. See how chiropractic care & nutrition testing can get to the root issues of your health. 


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Neuropathy Patient 

Patient struggling with foot neuropathy begins to feel sensation in his feet after almost a year of not being able to walk without a cane on a regular basis.

Watch his story to see how chiropractic restoring his freedom back.


Painful PMS 

Patient was suffering with horrible PMS due to the lack of adrenal support & infections going on in her gut. After doing a thorough evaluation we were able to get her on a supplement program the last 6 months in order to help her body get the support it needed. Getting to the root cause of her issues & getting her on high quality supplementation helped restore the function of her hormones allowing her to have minimal symptoms when it came to PMS.


Crippling Anxiety & Depression

After completing a thorough evaluation & testing with patient she was able to get to the root cause of her mental health issues & take the necessary whole food supplements in order to restore the nutrients necessary for neurological function. She is now living a life free from the crippling depression & anxiety that was keeping her down from living her life.

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